Work with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost

After 60, we lose 3% of muscle every year. Weak muscle hastens the loss of independence and hinders our ability to recover from injuries.

Every body is different. It is extremely frustrated to follow a generic online workout program. There is no modified movement, no guidance, no result tracker, no accountability.

However, working with a personal trainer can cost up to $200 a month. We are here to make it affordable and accessible.

Just $15 for 1 month

Effective, safe, and personal

1. Exercise safely with a personal trainer

Chat with our personal trainer to evaluate your functional fitness level & get your 4-week tailored daily program.

You can ask any questions to trainer throughout the program too!

2. Your very own program

Want to work out at home? Prefer working out in the gym? No worries. Our program is 100% made for you.

3. Only 20 mins

Work smarter not work harder. By focusing on compound movements and large muscle groups, you only have to do 20 mins for a session!

4. Improve strength and balance

No, this is not a weight loss program. This is a program to improve functional strength!

You'll go through an assessment every 4 weeks to see your results.

We're on a mission

Heyday started from a simple idea - to offer a truly inclusive and effective fitness experience for all ages.

As a group of certified personal trainers, hackers, and health enthusiasts, we're here to support your journey.

In addition to online class, we're developing Heyday strength trainer.

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